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Law firms

Efficiency and Sharing

We assist our clients on tracks whereby the technical and commercial knowledge is shared more broadly and whereby the efficiency of the production process of the law firm is increased as well as that of the individual lawyers

With respect to the technical and commercial know-how, we start from an inventory of the current practices and evaluate those (strenghts, weaknesses,…)

In particular, we identify the means to better share the knowledge within the law firm and its different levels of organisation (offices, departments, sectors) by also integrating the digital means and the possibilities for interaction with clients that may result from it

In connection with the legal production process, we can draw up an inventory of the existing procedures in the law firm and identify these production processes that should be standardised more as a matter of urgency (e.g. due diligence processes, corporate housekeeping,…)

Finally, in order to contribute to an improved service rendered by the lawyers, we carry out assignments whereby we strengthen the support organisation of the law firm, in particular in the field of IT, marketing and communication


Audit on knowledge sharing and commercial development practices

Recommendations on the accelerated leverage of internal knowledge

Recommendations on processes with most potential for standardization of activities

Review of the support organisation and required investments